Standards & Auditing
The Fairtrade Standard for Gold and Precious Metals is audited by FLO-Cert. This means that Fairtrade's gold standard is a third party audited product, giving the consumer the highest degree of integrity and verification over the claims made by anyone in the Fairtrade Gold supply chain.

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Some Facts

There are 15 million artisanal and small scale gold miners in the world (ASM), with a further 100 million people who are dependent on ASM.
Small-scale miners extract between 10-15% of the global gold supply chain, yet make up over 90% of the labour force in gold mining.

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Standard & Auditing

The Standard.

Fairtrade Gold and Precious Metals Standard is a ground breaking development in the movement towards a more responsible small-scale mining sector. For a general over view of the Fairtrade Standard please visit our Q&A page.

If you wish to read the full copy of the Fairtrade Gold and Precious Metals Standard please click on the link below.

Gold and Precious Metals Standard for Artisanal Mining, English

Gold and Precious Metals Standard for Artisanal Mining, Espanol


FLOCERT are Fairtrade’s official auditors. With dedicated auditors in South America and Africa, FLOCERT were the first and are currently the only international auditor to have undertaken independent audits on artisanal and small-scale mining organisations according to the Fairtrade standard for gold and precious metals.

Founded in 2003, FLOCERT is an independent company mandated to check and certify that producer organisations and traders within the Fairtrade system are in compliance with Fairtrade standards.  Certification encompasses the entire product supply chain, from producers up to the manufacturing and packaging of the final product.  Based on its experience in Fairtrade certification, FLOCERT offers a range of high quality verification services including building and shaping sustainable sourcing strategies, developing and verifying codes of conduct for private companies, and verification of compliance with other private standards.  Head-quartered in Bonn, Germany, FLOCERT is ideally positioned to access all European markets, while offices in Costa Rica, India and South Africa allow for global reach and presence.  With more than 80 employees and over 100 auditors FLOCERT serves almost 3,000 customers from all over the world, ranging from small producers in developing countries to large global retailers.  As the only social certification body FLOCERT is ISO 65 accredited for all its certification services.  ISO 65 is the leading quality norm for organisations operating a product certification system.

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