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Small-scale miners are characterised by high levels of poverty, marginalisation and exploitation, due to unfair terms of trade with traders and a lack of protection for miners' basic human rights

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24 Apr
What next for Fairtrade gold?
It has been an inspiring start to the year for ethical gold. In January the Fairtrade Foundation launched the ‘I Do’ campaign, designed to encourage couples to...
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23 Apr
Extending the Fashion Revolution to Gold
People sometimes ask me why I choose to work in Fairtrade gold and I always respond ‘Why wouldn’t I?’ I think that if there is an opportunity...
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15 Jan
Fairtrade Gold ‘I Do’ campaign launches on the steps of St Paul’s
Fairtrade bridal campaign ‘I DO’ launches on iconic steps of St Paul’s Cathedral The Fairtrade Foundation’s new national ‘I DO’ campaign launched on 14 January to encourage...
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23 Oct
Boost for small-scale miners as Fairtrade Gold launches in Switzerland
Small-scale miners are set to win as (Fairtrade) Max Havelaar Switzerland launches jewellery made from Fairtrade gold in Switzerland today. Switzerland is the hub of the global...
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15 Sep
Fairtrade announces formal consultation to align its Standard for Gold with international regulations for sourcing minerals from conflict-affected areas
Fairtrade International has launched a public consultation on its Standard for Gold and Associated Precious Metals for Artisanal and Small-scale Mining to explore how Fairtrade can best tackle...
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05 Aug
Britain’s leading casting houses now offer entire catalogues in Fairtrade gold
Five of Britain’s leading casting houses are proud to now include Fairtrade gold and precious metals in their catalogues, indicating that Fairtrade gold is set to become a...
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05 Aug
100 goldsmiths with collective clout to deliver $100,000 in Fairtrade Premium have registered with Fairtrade
One hundred small jewellers have registered as Fairtrade Goldsmiths in just three months of the new scheme opening, with a potential collective clout to deliver $100,000 US...
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26 Jun
New collector coin by Bank of Luxembourg marks single biggest purchase of Fairtrade gold to date.
Fairtrade International is delighted by the launch of a new collector coin by Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg which was commissioned by the Banque central de Luxembourg to celebrate the...
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27 May
Fairtrade Gold can be an option for responsible in-region sourcing of artisanal gold from the Great Lakes Region
Responsible sourcing and supply chain expert Estelle Levin travelled to the OECD-UN-ICGLR 7th bi-annual conflict minerals conference in Paris to announce that the Fairtrade Standard for Gold...
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23 May
Fairtrade International and CIBJO sign MOU promoting Fairtrade gold in jewellery industry
Fairtrade International and the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, according to which Fairtrade commits to working with CIBJO and its member organisations...
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